Collection: Pre-Colored Lace Wigs

Blonde wigs & ombre color wigs should be in every true Lace Wig fan's collection, especially for during spring, and the summer months such as July and August:

Ombre & Blonde Hair

Single color hair shades look wonderful but tend to get boring. The beauty of Colored Lace Wigs is that it makes it easy whenever we have moments when we want to change it up!  Choose from our Luxury selection of Ombre or balayage hair. We have more than a few looks that give you the power  to do just that. When choosing Ombre, we say two is more fun than one. 

Ombre & Blonde Hair Styles Stickout

If your choice of color complement each other, the Ombre effect will give more radiance and depth to your hairstyle. Remember, when creating hairstyles, the Ombre part will stand out more and make the style that much prettier. Even plaits and braids look amazing with the colors combined.

Easy to Switch Between Looks that Compliment You

Perfect for when you want to switch it up on the fly, but are uncertain about it's look. Our Ombre color wigs have roots with the same color of your natural hair.

Ombre & Blonde Hair Without the Stress

We do all the work for you so you all that's left for you to do to achieve the Ombre look is put the ombre wig on :)

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